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Fireplace Inserts Explained

Fireplace Inserts Explained

A fireplace insert is a sealed box that is placed (inserted) into an existing masonry fireplace. As a result, the old inefficient wood fireplace is upgraded to a new high-efficiency wood, gas, or propane fireplace that will produce more heat and use less fuel.

Gas Inserts for An Existing Fireplace

Regency gas fireplace inserts can operate on natural gas or propane. A gas insert offers all the comfort, warmth, and ambiance of a fire without the need to chop, store, and haul wood.

Typical Fireplace Insert Sizing

Regency fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside up to 95% of existing masonry fireplaces. Chances are that Regency has the perfect wood or gas fireplace insert to fit your existing masonry fireplace. The range of faceplates and surrounds are designed to cover any remaining gaps or openings.

A fireplace insert gets installed directly inside of an existing masonry chimney. On top of the fireplace insert itself you will need venting and potentially other accessories (depending on model and installation parameters).

Leave it up to our qualified team to install your gas fireplace insert.

Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace inserts helps to seal your existing masonry chimney, eliminates drafts and increases heating efficiency. Your fireplace insert will seal a major hole in your home – keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. More of the heat generated by your fireplace is directed into the room instead of out the chimney – resulting in less wasted fuel.

We offer free in home inspections GTA wide. Drop into our Toronto showroom and turn on our Regency insert fireplaces and speak with our team of fireplace experts.

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Fireplace Inserts Explained Fireplace Inserts Explained