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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your patio furniture better than the "Big Box Stores"?

It starts with the quality of the materials. All we carry in our patio furniture is 100% aluminum. Even our outdoor wicker has aluminum frames. This is important because aluminum does NOT rust. That means your patio furniture will always look great and will never damage your investment in your patio, deck or terrace. Take a look at product specifications of “Big Box Stores” and you’ll often find steel frames or steel rods put into the aluminum. The next thing to know is we’ve been in the patio furniture industry a long time. That means our buyers know the trends and styles that will last you for a long time. When you buy from us, you know that our products have been hand-picked for form and function too. We make it our job to know whether or not a support bar in a chair leg is functional or just gets in the way. Lastly, patio furniture is what we do. That means the sales rep you ask about an umbrella doesn’t know a thing about “Big Box Store” kitchen faucets. The help you get here is specialized and personalized. Go ahead, ask us for advice. That’s what we’re here for. Grab a business card with your sales reps name on it, and follow up whenever you want. There are a few more differences but we could go on talking about the patio industry forever. That’s just the kind of passion you’ll find here and nowhere else.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery dates vary by store location. Delivery costs depend on where you’re located and the size and weight of the furniture you order. Some of our tables are quite large and heavy. Delivery requiring additional personnel and a larger delivery truck will add to the initial delivery cost. The cost of delivery starts at $125.

Do you assemble the patio furniture, gazebo’s, bbq’s etc?

Yes. From tables to gazebos you have the option to allow our experienced staff to assemble your patio furniture prior to its delivery. For larger items (i.e. gazebos) we offer at home assembly.

Can I buy just a patio table or garden chairs? Can I choose different patio chair other than how you have them shown in any one of your patio furniture stores?

Most of the patio furniture in our store is sold completely individually. That means you can buy one chair or mix and match tables and chairs to create a patio set that captures the look you desire perfectly. A few items in store are sold as sets. If you are curious which just ask a sales person.

I have no idea what outdoor furniture will fit on my patio. Can you help?

Our sales staff are here to help. Bring in some measurements and pictures and benefit from industry experience and know how. If you have more advanced concerns then you have the option to meet with one of the exterior design consultants.

What manufacturer makes the best patio furniture?

There is no simple answer to this question. Each company has their own approach to making the best patio furniture. At the August trade show each year we hand-pick the best lines from each manufacturer and place them on our floor for your evaluation. If every customer had the same tastes and preferences our job would be a lot easier. We have criteria for quality that each manufacturer must pass. After that, only you can decide what patio furniture complements your style and your home.

Will my outdoor furniture rust?

Aluminum furniture does NOT rust. All of our patio sets and outdoor deep seating will remain 100% rust-free. We do sell a few pieces that have steel components (hammock stands) or are made of steel components, as steel is stronger than aluminum. All steel components are treated to prohibit rust, but once the paint is scratched on a steel frame, the bare metal becomes exposed and there is a possibility of rust. On the few items made of steel; if you find a scratch it’s best to treat the area with a rust inhibitor and apply touch-up paint.